Thankyou and update

This is just to say thankyou to everyone who has responded to my posts on this site. It was so amazing seeing so many people reach out to you no matter how small or big your problems are. On saying this a while a go I posted something about the Christian community and my friend. This is a bit of a update on how things are going.


  • Still looking for a new church but we met other people who liked the same music and were accepting

  • I also met friends who kind of accepted me and my music

  • I recently showed her the heart support website and we read blogs about it and showed her the video of being bullied in church.

So things are looking good for her and hopefully it will continue to stay good.

Once again thanks for everything and putting up with my crazy.

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I am glad to hear that things look like the are on the upswing!

@Carolyn88, I’m glad for you. And I’m happy you found people who like and accept you.

Never give up,