Thankyou fo r the help

Things are completely better with my friend we found a church and friends that accept her. I took her awhile because if the scars Christians through at her. But she has recovered. We also found a video that helped her out just in case it happens again. Thanks so much. Here is the video for you to watch if you chose too.


So happy to hear that things are on an upward trend for you and your friend. Thank you for sharing the update and the progress report. I pray that God would wrap you both up in momentum, and love, and closeness with Him, that you’d feel protected and safe and capable in his strength.


Thank you for sharing an update of where things are at for you and your friend!

Progress in a positive way is a step in the right direction. I would encourage you to continually lean into moving forward with this new found positivity and utilizing God as the foundation. Life is never a destination but a marathon. You can do this and you can be a huge support system for you and your friend. Praying that you and your friend continually move forward.

We are rooting for you! Stay strong!


Thanks it was hard for me to convince her. But luckily god is different to us human beings.