That loneliness is kiling me

Im very open minded person i dont thik im ugly and i dont have any other problems exept this one and its soooo bad. So for almost my whole life I’v been alone. I have had some realationships but thaey have ended miserably. Im how to say very dedicated for the person(not too much if some one thought of this) i m ready to protect them and to be on their side no matter what but i canot find any person who i can share this with and not reserve a laugh. I know i that this depresion or i dont know how to call it is because of rough childhood. What whould you do if you were in my shoes?

Hi there!

I’ve been alone most of my life too. Been in a few relationships that ended pretty miserably, haven’t had real life friends since I was about 12, I’m 19 now. It can definitely feel really hard, often isolating. You might even feel broken. But there’s nothing wrong with you! Sometimes it just takes people a while to find someone they can be dedicated to. Even if you’re attractive and have everything going right, it just takes a while for that special person, or special group of people to come across you. I’d say just keep putting yourself out there if you can. Join a group of people who share an interest you really like, like a club or something. As long as you keep your hope up, you’ll find someone.

Good luck. :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing!

I just want to say that I know how you feel. I am 21 and I’ve never been on a date or anything and I used to think that I was ugly, or that there was something wrong with me. One of the best things that you can do is to avoid negative thinking on the subject. You’re not ugly, and you sound like the kind of supportive and loving person that most people want to meet. As GuitarSeal said, just keep looking and you will find somebody who will care for you as you do for them. Finding friends who are similar to you, and joining groups of like-minded people will help to increase your chances.

Best wishes!

Iv been trying to be in realationship with some one but probably im cursed or somthing idn. There was a girl she liked me and i liked her a lot but out of nowear she just stoped chating with me and then i saw her with other guy kising. I try to think of somthing i did wrond but i cant. Im not shure if i did somthing but it was probably me. And there was one other girl that got so drunk she wasnt abble to talk. So my self beeng nice decided to get on the taxi with her for help with walking. And dend she puked the car i had to clean it pay for it and drag her literally to her home 2or 3 km away. And now i so f–king tiered of idn beeng alone that im falling in this hole of depresion. And i feel like i have some curse how cant i fand even 1 good girl or at least one friend that wont try to just pretend beeng my friend?

I’m sorry you had those bad experiences. I’ve had 2 real friends my entire life, and I only met them recently, so it’s definitely hard to find good people. You will find good people who treat you right if you keep your hopes up and keep looking. I know that may sound cheesy, and things may look bleak right now, but you will find those good people that you deserve. Just keep trying!

I’m there. I am all alone. I have people that seem to like me, but not like in a way where you would care for someone. I try, but you can’t have people change who they are. I am me and they are them. It is just natural.

I am sure you’ll find somebody. Keep believing in the good in people and treat people like you would be treated.

This is what I’m doing. My problem is my location and maybe that is your problem. Maybe relocating is the answer or maybe not.

I hope you find what you need.