That touched me i started listening to slipknot la

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That touched me. I started listening to Slipknot last year in November. I just started highschool and didn’t know where to go with my life. I felt left out and one of my teachers basically fucked up my social life by calling out that I find the popular girl in the class attractive. I’m still trying to get over it, but since then I’ve never got back the confidence I had and know I just mostly hang out with my small friend group only and don’t get in touch too much with others. Also I really like the mask and one time I’d like to make one too. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Oh my goodness. I was reading your comment here and feeling so much stress for you as you described this situation with your teacher. How awful it is to have someone sharing publicly something so personal, so intimate. They were in no right to do this, and I’m really sorry that it happened. It’s definitely the type of situation that can make you feel like your own private world has been taken away from you without your consent. Being in the middle of this class with everyone looking at you, and especially this girl, must have felt so embarrassing, maybe it even brought a sense of shame - even if you had nothing to be ashamed of, of course. Just the kind of situation that makes you want to have the possibility to be invisible in an instant, or as little as possible… and you then hope for everyone to have forgotten what just happened. It’s horrible when attention is drawn on you when it’s the last thing you want. Makes the world appear suddenly unsafe, as if you had no layer of protection between others and you.

Ugh! It makes sense that this event has been stuck in your mind since then and has impacted you. Somehow, it was a type of betrayal and it’s understandable that moving forward it’s been difficult to trust others with yourself. Being cautious with who’s part of your inner circle and who isn’t is a natural reaction and a needed way to protect your peace. It definitely makes sense friend. :heart:

-Micro, Heartsupport Staff