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The clothes I wear?

Hi all this is going to be a bit of an odd topic, but here we go. My girlfriend seems to be concerned alot about the pants I’m wearing to work. I work in an office and the dress code is just business causal. So I wear khakis and button shirt, belt and dress shoes. It passes. And that’s all I care about. But my girlfriend doesn’t like how my pants are fairly baggy and kinda loose on me and not really the right length. I on the other hand don’t give a crap because it’s just work. And she tried to make the argument that it’s not about looks but it’s about getting some pants that actually fit. Ummmm well the more pants fit the better they look soooo I’m pretty sure it has to do with looks even though she won’t admit it. It’s not like my girlfriend works with me. Nobody at my work knows her. So her reputation isn’t hurt in any way. But anyway my question is like…what’s the big deal? Who cares what I wear to work as long as I’m not breaking dress code? It shouldn’t be that important. What is important is doing your job, working hard, and getting results. Which I do. So why do people hold these weird ass dress to impress standards??? For me going to work is like doing chores. You’re not gonna wear your best looking clothes while doing them right? It just confuses me. It’s my image. And when I feel that it matters to dress up nice, I actually clean up damn well, ya know like if I’m going to a wedding or a dinner date or something that’s actually enjoyable. Anyway if someone can help me think outside the box here or figure out what she’s thinking that would be great. Because obviously we had an argument on this and now she’s all pissy.



Hi @Lee,

I know this probably won’t help, but I totally agree with you lol.

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Lol I even asked my boss’s boss right after work about his opinion on the matter. He also agrees with me :joy:. I’m just trying to get some answers from people on the other side of the argument to be convinced otherwise. Because nobody likes to piss off their significant other lol

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My mom said similar things to me when she was trying to help me raise my confidence level. Her logic was that the better you look, the better you feel. That doesn’t mean getting designer labels, but if you “take pride in your appearance,” you’re taking pride in yourself, similar to keeping your car clean and your lawn mowed. If you have low self-worth, maybe she thinks dressing well will give you a boost. Or maybe it’s about representing yourself well not just at work, but to the world. It’s not her reputation being harmed, it’s about having her man look good. How would you feel if she wore baggy sweatpants and bedazzled kitty cat tees all day every day? How would you feel about being the boyfriend of the girl who didn’t seem to care how she looked?

That said, I tend to agree with you. I like looking good, but I HATE spending money on clothes. They just get so expensive so fast. But Christmas is coming up, and a well-fitting pair of pants would make a good gift from her :laughing:

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