The COVID-19 has ruined my year

I thought 2020 was going to be my year but no due to my vehicle troubles and the coronavirus pandemic it has messed everything up for me I can’t go anywhere fun and most most importantly I can’t go and get a girl either and it’s been angering for the longest time all these years of not getting any has been ultimately escalating due to that virus everything I desperately want has now gone to waste big time.


Hey friend,
Its definitely been some tough times lately with everything that’s going on and its okay to feel like the things you want will not happen. Just know that you re cared for and not alone in this. Keep connecting with people, whether that be here with HeartSupport or over the phone with friends and family. Things will get better in time, keep fighting. Hold fast.

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Hey friend,

Yea, things are so hard right now. ): It’s rough all over. It truly sucks how much things have changed and how it’s effecting us all. I hear you. But we have a great community here. A family of friends and people who care. It can be good to just hang out be around other people that can relate and understand. I know we can’t be there physically but we’re all still here trying our best. Are you in the discord? Good place to be and just connect with others. :heart:

Stay strong friend.


Hey friend

It sucks to have your hopes up so high for all this year has to offer and then feel like everything has just come crashing down and it’s completely out of your control. You can’t control this virus or the fact that it has forced you to stay inside, you can’t control your car troubles, yet both of these things are playing a huge role in inhibiting you from getting all you hoped for out of 2020.

I know that this situation isn’t what you wanted it to be or what you planned for, but I bet there is still some good that could come from it. Now that you’re stuck inside for a while, maybe you could learn a new skill, pick up a new hobby or finally do somethings to better yourself that you might not have had time for. I know that you want a girlfriend, but now is a great time to think about what kind of person you want to be that girlfriend and what you have to offer that person in return. Now is a great time to become the best version of yourself, so that you can find the best person for you!

Sending hope!



Don’t let the virus panic get to you. You are strong. All of us are in this together. We will go through this. God help us.

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All I want is a woman to relate to a gorgeous and sexy one too.

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