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The days of nothing

Today I just dont want to do anything. Not get out of bed, go to work, eat, shower etc… just looking for advice on how you guys get through these days. Its probably a good sign I’m writing this. Since I dont even want to do my morning routine. Theres a black hole above me sucking everything in

Hey man, I’m sorry you’re feeling that way, I know it can make things really difficult. When I was in a similar kind of funk I was able to slowly crawl of it by forcing myself to do something I haven’t done before (and consequently, things that made me feel uncomfortable). I first got started by just forcing myself to get up and started going to a bookstore nearby to get coffee every morning. It wasn’t something that went away overnight, it took me a few weeks to just begin the process of feeling normal again, but the first step for me was to just get up and go out anyway. I did my normal routine, but threw in an extra trip to somewhere I hadn’t gone before that was just a little bit out of the way and took me out of my normal commute. It snowballed from there and eventually I felt more like getting up and doing the routine again. The feeling comes back every now and then, almost like a feeling of life getting stale, but forcing myself into new experiences has been helpful for me at least.
Good luck friend!


Hi. New here. But I tell myself to keep putting one foot in front of the other. Even if it’s something small. My daily mantra is : say your prayers, take your meds.

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I go through these emotions on a regular basis. It’s hard sometimes to even get out of bed, let alone shower, get dressed, fix myself up so I feel like a human.

Some days I just need a break. Other days, pushing myself up and opening the blinds to let in sunshine helps me. Putting on good music. Getting the coffee going. Anything that feels good. Even things like lighting candles or incense help bring the vibe up.

What little things in your home can you do to bring a positive vibe to help encourage you to get going? What happy and energetic music can you listen to?

Lately I’ve really been feeling like this a lot. So I recently purchased some new art supplies so that I can find motivation to get back to painting. I also bought some supplies so I can make some perler coasters. I’m really excited.

What are some things you enjoy doing? I know you have work but what kinds of things could you do on the weekend to help lift you up? Laser tag? Escape room? Rock climbing? Is there a decent arcade or mini golf center nearby? Or a game shop? Like a board/card game shop. Is there a place where you can go hiking and absorb the fresh air and nature around you? Maybe take some pictures to share?

Heart Support also has book called Dwarf Planet that is a guide and work book through depression. Maybe this is something that could help you? You can find that Here at no cost to you.

I hope you get feeling better man. I’m listening if you want to share more of what’s going on.

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I’m sorry that you’re going through this. I understand those days. They are hard. Sometimes you have to push yourself to get up and keep going, and you start to feel better as the day goes on. Other days, you can just do nothing. Some days, we just need that in order to recharge. Just don’t get stuck in a rut. Moving forward is progress.

I hope you feel better soon! Find things you enjoy doing, or friends you enjoy being around. Do some soul searching and self care.