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The dreaded time has come

I’m screwed.
I’m overwhelmed.
I feel like the world is crashing down on me.
This whole quarantine experience, I’ve been dreading the reopening of my job.
I knew this day would come, yet I am still highly unprepared. I’m lucky that for the longest time people were required to walk in, get done, and get out as soon as possible. We stayed that way longer than most companies. But now our time, now is our turn.
My boss just happens to take a unexpected leave during the time when it is most important to check in on your employees.
His boss just came up here instead. Luckily she listened as I voiced only a few minor concerns. Because of her job she’s not allowed to voice her opinions whether she agrees or not, but simply stated not our decision it’s over our head.
I feel way in over my head rn. I wish there was a way out.

I don’t want to go back to work tomorrow

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Xan, I can relate to being nervous about going back to work after quarantine. I understand. I am working summer school in my district. After naturally social distancing 6 feet from anyone I’m with for 4 months, I had a hard time sitting next to students at first. But it’s something that has to be done to help with behavior issues as well as to help them with their school work. After a few days I was used to it. I realized, personally, I was trying to be in control. If I can social distance whenever I feel I need to, that means I feel I’m in total control of if I get covid or not. But the reality is, I am not fully in control. God is. I need to trust that I can do what I can do. And leave the rest to him. It was a HARD reality to come to grips with it. But it’s true. (At least this is what I believe, for myself.) It will be okay. Take things day by day. After a few days back you may realize you are in a groove and be more comfortable. I’m not saying that’s a for sure, but that’s been my experience. Not sure if my experience helps at all. But it’s my two cents. :slight_smile:

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I’ve been there- overwhelmed and under prepared in a job while I the only one I could turn to was the boss over mine and I felt like I wasn’t helped. I remember how difficult and stressful and just tiring it was. Find people and things to carry you through this season- ask questions and make lists and lists of your lists. One minute, one task at a time. Your boss WILL return, you WILL get adjusted and find your confidence and peace or you will find something else, but give it time, have grace for yourself. Breathe. Take care, hold fast.



I’m here. The day has come. I don’t want to be here. I’m back here crying in the breakroom before my shift. Literally having a breakdown in front of my old boss. I feel like I am working in unsafe conditions but according to the company and the government “it’ll be fine !”

Man, that’s a stressful situation. I can relate to being anxious with the idea of getting back to work, especially after a long break like /w quarantine. Even though my situation is different - currently unemployed -, I totally feel like my anxiety will keep being a constant obstacle. And indeed, the state of our world right now doesn’t help for not to feel overwhelmed. Not fun to wake up with a weight on your chest almost everyday, and being afraid to hold many responsabilities at once… So, the thought of working again in any work environment is stressful, yet having a job or not can’t be questioned for me. :confused:

It’s hard to change our habits, being somehow released from the stress related to work, yet knowing that we have to get back to it at some point. And with your situation, your boss being away while you need some support, I understand why you feel unprepared. As our friends said here, take it easy. One day after another. If you have the possibility to take very small breaks to use breathing or grounding techniques, it could be great too. You don’t necessarily have to go away, and sometimes even just a minute is enough to release the stress. You’ll certainly find again the automatisms that you have there, a sense of familiarity. Like when we stopped doing something for a certain time, we remember how it works but we need some time to handle this transition.

I’m sorry your first day back there was hard for you though. I wish it was different for you. But it’s okay too. You’re stressed, so it makes sense to have a breakdown. So I hope you don’t blame yourself for this. How you feel is valid.

I feel like I am working in unsafe conditions

How are the conditions there? Are they taking covid and the need to protect their employees seriously?

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Day 2.
Unsafe because we are packed in like sardines and not a single customer respects personal space. To walk anywhere you have to squeeze yourself between 2 people and brush up against both of them. There is no crowd control or way to limit the amount of people in a building at a time. Tmi, but we have to stay on top of our job to avoid company lawsuits that risk my job…but it’s so demanding we can’t even leave to get a drink or go to the bathroom. Without masks the easy solution is have a drink right in the work area…but masks

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My unsanitary coworker stressed me out for the hr. I worked with him today. I was doing my job and then he would try going behind me touching everything. I was always racing around going back to stop him from messing it up. Luckily I now can work

Work update: that night I was so focused on my work it took an extra 30min. To do. What normally took 1.5hrs for wrapping up the shift took 2hrs. I was 30min. Late clocking out

Yesterday the temp. Supervisor that’s taking over until my boss gets back has never liked me and is now always walking in at the wrong time. I have such a short shift I’m not allotted a break, but it is extremely hot in my building that I do attempt to get a drink of water at times. She walks in talking about how my productivity is 0% yet I work until I drop. I work hard and rest hard, I balance it out. She was also sending conflicting messages. She wanted me to focus only on 1 task but then asks me to ensure the rest of the job was done.
Which I went to wrap up 1 last thing last night but by that time the day was over. I was required to clock out.

Yesterday I made the work more efficient for myself and everyone involved but that goes against policy so today I will find out how much chaos I caused.

Today my coworker is warning me that I am getting pulled into a meeting to talk about my work :smile_cat::smirk_cat:

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