The eyes that stare back at me

I stare. They stare back. I blink. They blink. I rub my face. They rub theirs. I often wonder if others feel this way. so disconnected from their reflection expecting them to burst out of their “world” my eyes darkened and heavy my skin pale and almost too pale I go outside but burn like a vampire embracing its eternal sun rise my hair thin and missing unshaped nothing abe to be used from it I feel my reflections are the face I put on to make others happy but when I look at them I see the cracks showing


The mirror reflects light, and 2D images. It’s not what you really look like. We never actually see how we look because we can’t see ourselves in 3D. We also don’t see the reflected countenance accurately. Instead, we perceive exaggerated flaws and proportions. We project imaginary imperfections, then see them in reflection. The eyes that stare back are critical, rarely offering anything but cold judgment. Would you be callous enough to look at anyone else with such an expression?

Sometime, when you’re feeling decent, and enjoying a discussion with a friend, glance in the mirror. You’ll see a more representative reflection of who you are. Don’t look too long though, as by doing so, the cold stare will gradually return.

The miraculous thing about eyes - any eyes is that the presence of a compassionate heart behind them, makes them spellbindingly beautiful, regardless of their color or shape.


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