The first time i put a noose around my neck i was

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The first time I put a noose around my neck I was 7 or 8. Somehow I was able to get my feet back on the ladder and keep from hanging myself. That was 40 years ago. I think about flipping my off switch almost daily. I was diagnosed with a learning disability as a child, always been an introvert and socially awkward. Still spend most of my time alone to this day. I’ve been sober for 7-1/2 years after starting drinking and smoking pot at age 16. For half my life I self medicated and it didn’t work. Lost contact with a lot of people when I changed course. Honestly I’m not sure that I’d be missed if I did turn out the lights, but I didn’t today. Slipknot’s music is kind of like the audio version of my inner turmoil if that makes sense.


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Hey friend, really connected to your story and wanted to do a video reply (~9m): video reply: The first time i put a noose around my neck | Loom

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