The flashbacks are worse

This week has been horrible. My flashbacks have been happening more frequently. Like it will happen during a test and I will just bang my head against the table. It’s gotten so bad I’ve started cutting and smoking weed again. Because of this I haven’t been sleeping and when I do sleep I have nightmares. I’ve so lost. I have no one to talk to about this.

Dreams happen from REM. This includes nightmares. Which means that you’re partly awake. So the trick is to find a way to exert enough energy that when you fall asleep that it is a heavy sleep. When you’re in deep sleep you won’t dream at all.

There are many methods to try to get to this point. I suggest though trying to find out if you’ve any health issues that make it hard to fall asleep or if it maybe just your daily routine and habits leaving you still bursting with energy or lack of proper nutrients from your diet. Knowledge can be empowering.

I hope things get better for you though.

Hey friend,

It sounds like you’re having a really hard time, and I’m sorry this is happening to you. This community is here for you and we love you. We would love to have you come to our discord, it might help you recognize that you are never alone. Something that helps me when I have nightmares is praying myself to sleep. If you’re not religious, maybe trying thinking of the lyrics to your favorite song or counting your blessings, that always seems to help me have good dreams.

hold fast