The good and the difficult

I’m trying to be more positive recently so I’m going to start out first with something good to happen today. Today I got to help out my boss who had a family tragedy recently. I helped get her family places by being a little taxi. I also had fun making kids :slight_smile: at my job making balloon animals.

Now for the difficult. I am sitting here about to go in a party. I want to cry. This is a friend of both my recent ex and mine. This is something we would do together. I still really don’t want to be broken up. Everyone says it is the right decision as he is severely depressed and not willing to get the needed help. I am angry at his stubbornness and hurt that it made me have to break up. And I have this nagging hope that he will just decide to work to get better… Even though it is far fetched and probably harmful for me to have it.
I haven’t given up on him. I can’t. I send him resources and and articles. But I know it most likely won’t change anything.

Anyway. Love to you all. :heart: You rock.

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Hey @Elaine Thank you for posting.

That’s great that you got to help your boss out I’m sure she appreciated you being there for her and helping her out.

You had to do what is best for you and what is best for your emotional wellbeing. I know you want to help him and want him to get help but ultimately it is up to him if he wants to get help. You can still care about him and that it fine but it should not cause you to be emotionally drained and ignore your own emotional needs. Maybe one day when he is ready he will get help. Until then do what you think is best and if being broken up is what is helping there is nothing with that. I realized that you posted this last night but if you went to the party I hope that you had a great time and hope that today is a great day for you. :grinning:

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