The little things

Went to an apple festival today and I was excited to get my face painted. I spoke with the main lady who paints faces and asked her how she started. It inspired me, and I told her how I’ll take that as a lesson to put my art out there and opportunities will come.

She asked about my art and I showed her and she was going to recruit me to be a face painter.

It’s a shame I’m an hour away from the festival’s location and I don’t have my own car.

It was really disappointing, but almost bittersweet. I enjoyed her story, and the fact that I got an opportunity for an art related job for the first time in my life for simply talking and reaching out means that maybe one day I can have an art related job, instead of a random one that will pay the bills.

I don’t know what I want to do with my life still, but these little moments are helping me find what I like little by little.

I may feel really bummed out and sad, but I also feel grateful for that experience. It may have been a short phone call that didn’t mean much but it did for me, and she even complimented my art. 10 dollars for something I’ll be thinking about for awhile… :relaxed:


this is such a lovely wonderful post! Thank you for sharing it with us! It must feel great to be complimented for it and be recruited on the spot! That’s so awesome! I’m so happy for you friend!

I truly hope that you keep working hard and have loads of success in all that you do!


Dear @itsnotoveryet,

This brings such a giant smile to my face. This is so beautiful. What an amazing fragment of llife, full of truth, hope and possibilities. I absolutely love that you went there and had the opportunity to have such impactful conversation with her. Hearing about others stories can be so inspiring and encouraging. But even more: she saw your art and loved it! This is such a beautiful recognition, and it’s wonderful that you’ve allowed yourself to share this important part of your life, of YOU.

Well done also for taking the time to journal this experience. When we are overwhelmed by the stress and fears, we can easily lose sight of these positive moments that we actually had the chance live. Keep this little treasure in your heart. You ARE capable. You ARE talented. And you’re going to figure out the responses you need in due time.

I am grateful for you today. Embrace the hope you feel thanks to this interaction. This is true life happening right there. You own it. :hrtlegolove:


I don’t have any particular words but I want you to know that I really appreciate your words, thank you Micro, it means a lot :heart:


I will try my best, thank you for the supportive comment Sita, I very much appreciate it :heart:

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