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The more I understand the more it hurts

So I’ve been seeing this girl for about 3 months, and we started off just as friends, we met on tinder, I was really unsure of how things would go so I asked we would just stay friends and see what happens. I knew eventually I would probably get attached but the relaxed feeling felt amazing for a while. We started holding hands, and talking on the phone for long times even though I would see her the next day, one day we planned a trip to toronto on new years. Then all of a sudden she saw asked for space.

She found someone else, she said she wants to follow things with him. I said if that’s your person I shouldn’t even be a factor. The problem is, I care about her I want her to be happy and it still hurts. I understand that if she really wants to give this thing a shot I cant be around, so I wont. Shes also brought up in the past that the man (in her words) is a jerk, (she used more profanity). And in the same conversation of her telling me that she wanted him, she also told me how wonderful of a person I am.

So now I understand if this guy is a jerk, I must not be that wonderful. We read a comic book series called harleen together, and she doesn’t have the time or care to go to the comic store but she loved the series. I’d really like to buy her the last one that finishes it as a “I cared more than you thought, and I still do”. No notes, no return address just a package left for her, but I also understand if I do that, it will put a larger strain on myself. So I understand that it doesn’t matter how much I care, because the best thing to do is move on. And that hurts more than anything

Make a list on your phone of everything bad about your relationship with her and look at it every time you miss her.