The only word I hear is "useless"

Every single day, I always think back to words that they say to me that makes me seem completely useless.
Which I’ve been told a lot, and that gave me that exact feeling.
“Being useless.” Even my father had said so. Honestly I feel like they would be better without me. But I know somebody has experienced worse, and I feel like my situation is just nothing but me complaining about life. But what do I know? I’m just a stupid, useless idiot, as they all said. And my literally my “friends.” Sounds… fake.
I guess being in trouble every time just makes the future feel like hell.

Sorry to hear it happened to you. I had quite a similar experience. Calling you useless doesn’t mean you’re useless, it just means that they don’t know you that well and they are dealing with it in a horrible way. A big part of what makes it worse is the fact that it reached a point where you feel that way about yourself, but still, you’re not useless.

If you feel that way about yourself, can you point at a specific reason/thing that make you feel useless? If you can’t, chances are you’re being pushed into believing things that are not true about yourself. If you can, you can turn it around and use that information for self growth - not to stop yourself from being useless, because that you’ve never been, and not because you’re not worse than anyone else, because that you are not either, but because everyone can always grow, and that one thing is hurting you unproportionally.

Keep an eye for people and places that don’t make you feel that way, those can make healing easier.

Hold fast, we’re with you.

Something that I’ve been learning recently is that our realities can’t be compared! Your feelings and problems are so valid. And so are everyone else’s!

I struggle with feeling useless too… my family was really productivity driven growing up and I find that when I’m sitting on the couch or trying to nap etc that my inner bully is telling me I’m lazy and need to get up.

But I get to decide what the truth is. So when my inner bully tries to tell me that I’m not enough I tell it: that’s not true. The truth is I deserve rest and love and self care and that my worth is not defined by how much I get done.

The truth: Your value is not defined by how useful you are. Your feelings are valid and your pain is real. You matter, you are loved, you are lovely.

What a lucky world that you are in it.

-Nate’s wife

I know that feeling. I am so sorry you are dealing with this. That is really hard. And I am sorry.
I am in a residential treatment program and that is something I have had to learn to fight. It is hard. But I have had to learn that just because something is said doesn’t make it true or just because you feel some way doesn’t make it true. We have this thing here called a core meaning and a core issue. My core issue is I am worthless and there is no point for me to keep living. But core meaning is I have with and I am helpful to others. I have learned to live out of my core meaning. It is hard but once you find it that thing that feeds your core meaning and gives you that since of purpose you will see that those words and you feel define you will start to fade away. If there is anything you need you have me and a family here who want to help and be there for you. You are cared about, you are loved, you are worth everything, you deserve amazing things.

I’m sorry to hear that, well i used to feel that way when i didn’t accomplished what people expect from me, then i overcome it to choose my passion and ignore what they told of me as being useless.

Remember that we’re not that useless and we have our own speciality that can be use to help another whatever it is.

Hold Fast! We’re here for you :slight_smile: