The pain never ends

I apologize for posting so much the past few days but there’s been so much going on. I talked a little bit about my best friend yesterday on here and how she started dating a guy. This is tearing me apart because I developed feelings for her over time. It turns out that the guy that she’s dating is somebody that I know. I’m so pissed at him for taking her away from me. I talked to her yesterday and told her how I felt about everything that’s going on. I asked her if she still wanted me around and she said yes but I told her that she can’t talk about her relationship to me. Right now, it hurts me just to talk to her so we’re taking a little time apart. I hope that over time this will all work out but I’m afraid that our friendship might be damaged. I feel so alone because she’s basically all I had. I’m hurting so much right now. What makes this worse is that I already have clinical depression so that’s making this whole situation worse than it already is. I’ve recently started cutting myself again and I just feel so fucking lost.


Do you have someone else that you can speak with? I mean if you never of met your best friend then who would be your go to? Is there one? If there is then I suggest that you speak with them?

If there isn’t then there is professional help (Therapist)

We are also here for you.

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I’ve discussed it with some other people but it’s really difficult

Hey man, wanted to say thanks for opening up and sharing—no need to ever apologize!! We’re here to listen to everything that’s been on your mind :slight_smile:

I understand what you’re going through and it’s really hard when things like this happen, don’t blame yourself for feeling this way.

I encourage you to find people to talk to—us, friends, family, a therapist— because you don’t deserve to face these struggles alone. I don’t want to pretend to know how to fix this situation, but I can speak from personal experience in that time is one of the biggest healers. Everyone goes at their own pace, and living through the day to day is the hardest part in the beginning.

Your friendship may be damaged now, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for healing. I encourage you to find a support group that will be there for you. Don’t let one person dictate happiness in your life, you’re worth much more than that!!

Don’t ever hesitate to reach out to me or anyone here, you’re important!


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Hey Jmatt

I know it has been a few days - but we saw your topic and wanted to let you know that we see you. That you arent alone. And that there are things that can be done. The next steps are in your hands


Thanks so much for the support! I really needed to hear this.