The past and how to forget

No matter what i do or where I go the past is always there haunting me. I need help.forgeting and on top of that my depression came back as it always dose this time.of year. Dose anyone know of free therapy online or something I can do to get cheap or free help.

I’m in the exact same boat as you right now friend. Something that helps me with that kind of thing is sitting somewhere quiet, and where you feel safe and just close your eyes. Empty your mind and just sitting there, breathing deeply until you don’t even remember what you were thinking about before. It helps me with bad memories and thoughts. Hopefully, this was somewhat helpful… I’m rooting for you, I swear you’ll make it through. Just focus on one breath at a time, because sometimes focusing on a whole day is just too much.

Thanks man I’m going to start seeing a therapist this week

That’s awesome honestly. I started seeing a therapist and it was kinda relieving. Every week I knew I had someone that I could talk to, plus they’ll give you other coping skills to help with your past and depression

ya i use to see a therapist but we moved and we had to get settled and i was doing good with out therapy and medicine then things started to get worse like it always dose around this time of year. i have to call tomorrow and set an appointment. just hope it dose not take a while to find a therapist that works.

Hey @lost, I’m just following up with you to see if you were able to check into seeing someone again? There’s no shame in feeling like you need to check yourself back into counseling/therapy. I’ve done it several times, myself. :slight_smile: You’re strong! We believe in you!

I have tried but all of the ones I called put me on a waiting list but its only been a week so im ganna keep trying

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