The poverty of our language for pain (and pineapple)

Hey courageous souls of Heart Support,

Sometimes it’s hard to take care of yourself and self care sometimes feels like a luxury when you’re just struggling to stay alive on a most basic level. I’ve had a rough couple of months, but I just went for a run today which was a small victory for sure…this leads me to what I actually wanted to post about.
Today on my run I listened to something interesting. The lovely human being, mental health advocate and author, John Green, has a podcast called The Anthropocene Review where he brilliantly delves into things from our human world and rates them on a five star scale. On this episode he examines Hawaiian pizza and Viral Meningitis. (I know Heart Support is a place free of judgement, but I’m really gonna push the limits…pineapple should be accepted and praised in the pizza community :grimacing:) Anyways, thanks for staying with me here, what struck me most was how he talked about pain during his review of Viral Meningitis. From my own experience and reading people’s thoughts on the wall, it’s clear that it’s sometimes really difficult, almost impossible to articulate our experiences with the pain of mental illness. Our verbal and written language often leaves us at a loss in sharing how we feel. I found John’s reflection on pain really relatable, meaningful and profound. Thought you guys might like to listen. If you’re short on time or don’t care about pineapple, you can skip the 11:54 time stamp.

Disclaimer I promise this is not spons, just a fan wanting to share with you awesome people.


Hey @laurelinoblivion - Thanks for sharing! I’ll definitely be checking it out! :slight_smile:

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