The predator I met years ago story

A few years back I entered this furry forum, it was made to discuss with the community, I was pretty young. I talked from fur to fur but then I met this one, they always gave me weird vibes but Ignored it, they instantly attached with me and we talked, we talked about suiting and such. It was all normal until they began to bring in sexual things, they said they drew their yellow fox characters fucking dogs and saying how they wish they actually saw their character in real life fuck an animal or get fucked by one. I was disgusted, and I asked if they could stop, they said I was ruining their artistic mood and how I was prying into their private life and promptly told me to stop. So I did, they keep asking me about my dog, their privates, if they were neutered and other things. I didn’t want to answer anything. But then they moved over to people my age, saying that their oc (who’s a female oc) to do the dirty with a child.

They talk about their pets, but then drop it instantly, I hope they are okay… Like they talked about one parrot who lacked a wing I think and they talked a bunch but then much like any other pet stopped talking about it, If I ever asked about them they would either say “oh I gave it away” or “Nothing much” and then flip the subject on me. They kept talking about how they wish to see my dog’s privates for “art reference” i kept denying it, I said “No, I wont take a picture like that” then told me I was a horrible friend for it.

I wanted the ask for dog nudes to stop I wanted the pedophilic preying to stop. They asked how I would handle orgasms, they asked if I ever masturbated or had sex, and directly ask me how it went and wanted me to explain it in detail. I refused to answer anything, I never knew much about sexual things but even then I wasn’t comfortable with it.

Then came the final breaking point, they, said…things about me. They went outside of the dms and into the forums, and posted how I was inconsiderate and arrogant, how I would ignore their ideas and downplay it. I never did that. I dmmed them saying “hey wth? I didn’t do that, please don’t lie about me!” And they told me to kill myself, they told me horrible things, how I was a bad friend, how I ruined it all. At this point the forum was turned against me, so I deleted my account and locked the memory up until recently.

After that I still talk to people online, but I’ll be honest it was terrifying for me, feeling as though you did wrong but at the same time the correct thing. I don’t think I ever felt that terrified in that age… Anyways I really wanted to vent about this, it’s been too long I kept this memory locked up.


Ew that person is a creep! As soon as somebody brings up something sexual over the internet, that proves they are not a real freind and they are a creep and you need to stay away from them and if they don’t leave you alone then you need to take action. What you said in this true story is very valuable to teach others as well. You are so awesome that you got through it safely.


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