The problem with sounds

I recently discovered I have a huge issue when it comes to incomprehensible voices, which is not uncommon for me.
I have a hearing disability and without my hearing aids, pretty much everyone that’s not yelling or near me, sounds like that. It’s especially bad in the morning and for the past few days I always found myself repeating the words “shut up” in my head on loop, when I hear my mom speaking but cannot hear her clearly. That, or I start to tear up and try to block out the sounds somehow.

Does anyone have an idea how I could deal with this?

Also, update to my last post about not feeling well; several days later my head still hurts. The nausea is gone, though.


I don’t have any advice unfortunately, but I’d like to keep this boosted so others can see it.

That sounds absolutely miserable. When you’re not wearing your hearing aids, I’d try wearing ear plugs. Get some good ones that fit well. I’d recommend concert ear plugs, because they don’t muffle the sound so much as they turn down the attenuation. I use them at family gatherings to help with sensory overload, and they’ve been lifesavers.

In any case, of all people, why is your mom trying to talk to you without hearing aids? She should know better. That’s not fair to either one of you. That may be a conversation worth having with her. “I feel overloaded when you talk to me without my hearing aids. It makes me physically unwell. Can you save it for when I’m wearing them?”

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I will try the earplugs out, thank you so much.

In the morning she always leaves my room door open and vanishes into the kitchen or something and either talks to her friends over the phone, my father (depending on if he’s home) or our dog. I spoke to her about it already, but I guess it didn’t do much. Gotta try that again

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