The role was ANYTHING but what I was promised; company let me go within 3 months

I was very happy when I received 2 offers in April and I take time to think and talk to the hiring managers again. I decided to accept the job with lower pay and a lower bonus.
The hiring manager (GM) was so nice. I was told that I would get autonomy and that my views will be respected.
When I started the job, I reliased that I was conned, the founder (not my hiring manager)want me to ask for approval for everything and if I dare to voice any different opinion, I’ll be insulted.
I started to look for a job in my 2nd month but my manager let me go just before my probation, he said I’m not a good fit as I keep reminding him about our conversation(his promise) during the interview.
I’ve faced a lot of problems looking for new jobs as the market is not as good as a few months ago. :frowning:
How to keep my morale up?


From: Microsmos

Hey @Fluffy, Thank you so much for reaching out here. I’m so very sorry for how they treated at this workplace. It’s absolutely awful, and unfortunately the reflection of the way some places are managed from the inside. You did everything you were supposed to (even more by accepting a job with lower pay/bonus). You’ve been through this entire process of job searching and have been treated poorly. None of this is your fault and you couldn’t guess or predict any of this. Some places are just good at keeping up appearances – I have experienced that myself with my previous job. As much as this was at first a big deception and grief, this experience also made me acutely aware of what I want and what I DON’T want in a job. What are my priorities and what I wouldn’t want to bargain anymore. This can be turned into questions during your job interviews and the way you would discuss with potential employers - to get to know the environment before (and it shows your interest for the company too!). Facing the job market can be very daunting and I hope you keep hanging in there, taking it slowly and treating yourself well. Some places are really good and have a healthy management culture. I believe in you and that you will find the right fit for you. In the meantime, to keep that process up and help you through this, I would like to encourage you to join one of our Action Groups on Discord. It’s community groups that we’ve created to help each other reach personal goals and be supported along the way – just like finding a new job. These are life challenges that are not meant to be faced alone, and I can assure you that there are lovely people among these groups who would be happy to encourage you regularly. If you would like some more information, here’s where to look: Join an ACTION GROUP to take ACTION in your mental health! – And if you need any help to get connected on Discord with a group leader of your choice, you can send me a private message and we’ll get you set up. You will get there, friend. And this awful experience that you’ve had is not meant to be repeated over and over. These people lost an incredible asset and someone with actual skills and values. It will be their loss as YOU will find a place where you will be treated better. I believe in you. :hrtlegolove:


From: ManekiNeko

Hi fluffy! Welcome to the community. Ugh this is such a hard situation to be in. It’s so devastating when something is promised and offered, but then they shut you down and take away all those seemingly wonderful promises.
It’s been a hard time finding something right now for you, but I do believe that there’s something better than what was offered. You deserve an environment that listens to you and supports your ideas. An environment that wants to see you thrive and grow.

I know the waiting it out and seeking part is so stressful and hard, I do hope you’re taking care of yourself. It sounds like your an individual who does want to be involved and has ideas and opinions to share, and they are worthy of being respected and heard!
I hope you’re able to feel supported and heard here in this community.


From: Tiikrig

Hello Fluffy

I am very sorry this happened to you. I had a similar experience where the working environment was not effectively managed and I was fired the same day I wanted to tender my resignation. Really left a sour feeling in me.

I believe the first thing to do here, to avoid further dropping morale, is to remind yourself that this wasn’t within your control. The way your hiring manager and manager handled things was very unprofessional. Sometimes organizations work like that, but it can have these very nasty results. The same applies to the founder and the organization as a whole. Going vertical/authoritarian on decision-making is a valid choice, but it can create a terrible environment, and if this wasn’t properly informed before, let alone completely lied about, it will create conflict.

As for how to keep it up.
I once read that treating job-searching as an organized, scheduled activity can really help at keeping morale. Give it very specific times of your day and let your mind disconect in your spare time. Rejections could come, and in those cases remind yourself of your strenghts and write down things in your interviews/applications that could have been improved.
I understand the job market is tough right now. I imagine it can be really difficult to keep up the good spirits. Don’t shy away from giving yourself space to fall back and regroup.

I hope it comes up in the best way for you. Please let us know if anything comes up.



Hello Fluffy, Welcome to Heartsupport!
This sounds like a horrible experience. :frowning: I can imagine that you feel tricked and betrayed.
Maybe you could view it as a learning experience, and in the future demand that any promises will be put in writing so you will not be put in such a situation again. I hope that if you are careful, something like this will not happen to you again, and I hope you can find something new soon, don’t give up!


Thank you so much to everyone who has replied and encourage me!

I did ask myself and my friends what can I learnt from this? The answer is nothing, except there are horrible liars. I’ve spoken to the General manager (the hiring manager) twice after I’ve received offer to get assurance about autonomy & environment that respect different view. He told me, I hire you to have an opinion.

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