The time is now

So I’m officially making music again. Almost done with my first song and I’ll probably complete another song today too. I’m excited to be making music again. I have so many regrets in life and they always stem from the things I didn’t do. I decided that I’m done saying “I wish I would have never stopped” “I wish I would have continued” “I wish I was making money doing the things I love”. Those days are seriously behind me. Everyday I wake up and see all my peers being successful at such young ages and then I look at myself all depressed wishing I would accomplish all the things they’ve accomplished. No more procrastination for me. The time is now. I will be sharing my music on here soon as well. Just wanted to share with you all. Love you all! <3


Hey @Stylin - I’m glad to hear that you’re making music again! Music is an extremely powerful facet used to impact people on a deep, emotional level. We’d love to hear it when you’re finished with it!


Hey @Stylin

So happy to hear you’re motivated to making music again! Like @Eric said, we’re excited to hear it when you’re ready to share it with us! I’ve been having similar thoughts lately- of wanting to do the things I love to make a difference in my own, and other people’s lives, not just what I think I should be doing. Keep being an inspiration, keep going. We love you.


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