The Unknown creates Fear, right?

This house holds secrets. Like a deaf and dumb mute with perfect vision. It has seen truth and deceit on the same hour.
I can hold secrets that well. Like this house, you could burn me down, I wouldn’t say a word.

All this adds up. The weight of hidden truth just grows. Till it collapses.

I want to scream, like some abusive husband in an uproar until I’m heard. Does nothing. It’s as empty as these silent walls.

Love never fails, life is suffering.
Be a good sufferer? What’s the use of that I wonder?


Thank you. I struggle everyday but I love journaling and reading other peoples journal. I am new here.

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Likewise Tristan. Thanks for reading!

I read this a couple of hours ago. And I won’t extend myself about the reasons, but this brought me to tears - in a positive way.

It has seen truth and deceit on the same hour.

This is a contradiction that has always been hard for me to put into words. It’s heavy. Thank you for sharing this. Seriously.

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Thank you for reading