The way I see the world!

I am 31 years old and grew bitter over the years. Especially how I’ve been treated by friends and co workers throughout my 20s . I really can’t trust anyone. I allways expected the worst out of people. I feel like all people are snakes in the grass so I find myself telling myself to not get to close to people because they are just gonna talk behind my back. All day at work I find my self looking at people and thinking if they talk about me behind my back and how big of a snake they are. Basically I look at everyone as they are against me even if they talk to me and act like my friends. Any advice?

Get in the gym and build your body! I believe that a strong body builds a strong mind. I had the same problem that you have and I still kind of struggle with that every now and then but it got a lot better since I work out regularly, it improves your self esteem a lot! That’s what worked for me :wink:

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I usually do lift but since this Covid 19 outbreak all the gyms are closed and all I do is work and go home.

Yes man, same here. Let’s hope this thing goes soon so we can be back at the irons :wink: