The worst is the worst but not seem bad

Here i am again feeling like bull. like a bull being pulled and stretched until it had its last straw. Not okay. I battle anxiety and depression … but the thing is, this time anxiety is the issue. I’m kinda struggling to post this because im really afraid of having another really bad anxiety attack. Anxiety is a part of my life i feel like . ill have days where i wont be stressing then their will be days i will be having my attacks.
Typing this out is hard i have to admit. So back before my thanksgiving break i was caught someone doing something they are not supposed to do so i let someone know . (if you want to call me a snitch go ahead because i did nothing wrong) After letting someone know i was fine i was dealing with stress for the next 4 days. that next day i removed myself from class after telling the teacher and him asking me if i was gonna kill myself (just to let you know the class was a government class.) so days pass by i ask for a safe pass . ive told most of my teachers except for my government teacher and 2 others. but tbh the two others dont need to know cause i think ill be fine in that classes. but my government teacher made me feel so uncomfortable with the are you gonna kill yourself comment when i wasnt depressed. but now i am afraid to tell him because i dont know what i am gonna expect. With me being so affraid , i feel like having a friend stand near me , but i feel like in that class im all alone because i feel like i have no friends to be there for me. i just dont know what to do about this situation . If you guys have any suggestions on anything i can do please send them my way .

Hey @all_around_ashley, I just want to understand the situation better. So you caught someone doing something bad at school and you told someone about it. Now your having anxiety over it because you don’t want them to find out? Please help me clarify so I could try to give advice.

Me stressing out cause of them finding out isn’t the issue really anymore . The issue is me trying to tell the teacher who question if I was gonna kill meself is the issue . And because of that I have a hard time telling him I have a safe pass

Okay, so the teacher who asked if you were going to kill yourself is the one you need to tell about what that person did. Got it. I think honesty would be best here. I know it’s hard to face someone who asked that but let the teacher know you are not in a bad place like that and you have the safe pass. It’s kinda like a bandaid, just rip it off. For lack of a better metaphor. You are brave and can do this. And hopefully this will help your anxiety. I hope this helps!