Therapist Analyzes Papa Roach - Last Resort

@heartsupport Just found your page and enjoyed your video. I was in tears. I’m definitely in a terrible headspace and looking into therapy very late into my suffering and man is it difficult to get support. Now suffering terribly due to my mental health, depression, anxiety and yes the main topic of this Papa Roach song. Don’t even want to type it, refuse. As a long time music fan who just enjoyed music I found it terrible disturbing to relate to these kind of songs. I hate relating to it but they are gifts. I don’t want to relate to this kind of music regarding mental illness. That being said two songs I unfortunately relate to are by a favorite band called @iamx. I think it would be amazing to see you do a commentary video about the songs “Quiet the Mind” and “Insomnia.” Iamx’s singer has opened up about his struggles and tries to support their fans. I think you both could do amazing work together or just hearing your words about the music would be nice. I’m still working on getting an appointment with a therapist. Will look into your resources. Thank you!

My brother took his life in 2007. None of us who knew him best had a clue. He called me on a Tuesday and we planned a trip together. Saturday morning he shot himself.
The part about not being left alone doesn’t always work. In 1995 my friend who was more like a brother. We had been best friends since second grade. He called me and said he was having some thoughts. I went to his house and hung out with him. He told me he was going to the bathroom and when he came back he had his dad’s .44. I told him he didn’t need that. He said ain’t it pretty and before I could get to him he put it against his head and pulled the trigger. I was there with him, he was looking at me. I have PTSD from several things in my life. This is one of them that I can still smell everything.

As a person who has suicidal ideation pretty much every day, to keep going is a choice. I’ve not lived for myself my whole life, up until 2020. Always trying to appease someone or fit into a mold of someone else’s idea of an ideal person. A close friend took his life in 2020 and it still haunts me today. Which is why I wouldn’t do it. I know the pain, and would never want anyone else to feel it. But, it’s still there. I’m working on putting the intrusive thoughts into a song, at the moment. It might help put things into perspective for those who don’t deal with them. Hopefully my pain can help someone else.

Eerery time I Reich out iend up in jail😢