Therapist and Vocalist Analyze In The End By Linkin Park

Did you get anything from his last personal video? I see that look in peoples eyes before they end.

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I was listening to this album when my Mom came in to tell me one of my friends had committed suicide. It’s hard to believe that it’s been almost 24 years. RIP Spencer. May your memory be eternal.

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This isn’t a needed comment and sorry it’s so long. Lol But another way i thought of to think of it is like a staircase. You can focus on the top so much that you don’t pay attention to the steps in front of you that get you there. Focusing on each step makes it less likely you’ll fall but if you focus so much on the outcome or the top of the stairs it’s easier to fall. And then when you do fall you have 2 options either stay there looking at the top feeling like a failure or focus on how far you’ve made it and maybe get back up and keep going. Maybe missing that stair gave you time to realize that the top of the stairs wasn’t what you thought it was. And when you get to that goal. To the top of the stairs there’s another level so you have to focus on i made it here i can keep going even if you need a break at the top of the first flight of stairs. If you made it this far in this comment props to ya!:joy: sending hugs to anyone that wants/needs them!:hugs::hugs::hugs:

I had life by the tail and then had a motorcycle accident that left me paralyzed at the age of 20 after being engaged for a year or more. After the accident my fiancé moved out on me and we called off the wedding, only later did we get back together after she got pregnant by another man and I was willing to be a father to her child. Nine years later we got back together and got married only for her to close me out and caused a divorce 1 1/2 years later. Sometimes those closest to you bale on you the quickest! So goes life…

That’s so cool you had jake on.

Me entiendes?:blush:

Me ayudas?..

RIP Chester and Chris…

Hey Taylor i love what you’re doing and love watching your videos. I’m an EDM DJ for many years who struggles with mental health. I listen to metal as my favorite genre to help cope. I’d love to see you do Alpha&Omega by King 810

You need check Breaking the Habit !!! :heart:

Taylor can u go over the song more monster by shinedown

Could you please, please, please analyze DREDG - INFORMATION!! Thank you for sharing and teaching through your knowledge! Understanding Heals!

if he got the desired outcome is there not a chance he would’ve been healthier mentally though?

It still hurts knowing Chester is gone❤
Linkin Park helped millions of their fans through the music they made but we couldn’t help Chester

If I think about Linkin Parks songs they are all about suicide. I’m just saying. And I also think that their songs are a scream for help.

CHESTER!!! respect bro…

Chester is hugely missed. It was ALL in his music up to his death.

R.I.P. Chester…