Therapist and Vocalist react to One By Metallica

After dieing 6 times and being paralyzed and having amnesia of 20 years I can’t remember ever being happy.

It’s a bit worse than just losing all of his limbs. A large piece of his head is missing, he’s blind, dead and mute.

Metallica owns the rights to the movie they bought it so they could make this

Listened to this in the locker room before.every football game
Undefeated state champs 89 and 90

In the opening scene, you can replace “democracy” with damn near anything: God, Allah, Country, political party, football team, president/pres. candidate, COVID-19 masks, “Family” (irony lives!)…

Metallica is my favorite band. I have been listening to them since the mid eighties. I am here still because of them. The Song Fade to Black got me through alot of Dark moments. And still does, the song just makes you feel like you are not alone the build up through the song just fills you full of energy again. Thanks for reacting to them.

The movie is worth a watch

This is a classic! love One. I wish Metallica would go back to making this metal greatness again.

Go watch the movie.

“Johnny Got His Gun” is the name.

Got punched in the face over this song when I was 11

This was Metallica’s first music video and they were four albums in at least so yeah, they went over the top! This is way above and beyond most videos of the 80’s in my opinion.

That particular song touched me a lot from the moment I first heard it, even before I knew its meaning, especially from the first time I saw the video, at that time I was only about 12 years old… Now I’m a retired soldier, I was in the Army for 20 years, and I saw many comrades lose legs and different parts of the body and now that I’m no longer in the Army and I see the video again, I feel it more personal and it gives me a lot of feelings of sadness for my fallen friends.

I’ll write this if you think it might help someone, I suffer from extreme Anxiety and Depression and/or possibly Borderline Personality Disorder?
WARNING: This is similar to the video

Obviously, I’ve never been in the physical condition of this man. If you take out the parts about the missing arms, legs and voice, I can identify with every single word! There was a time when I simply could not function AT ALL! I could not work, drive, watch TV, food tasted like paste, I had sweaty, scary nightmares EVERY night. I constantly drank water because my mouth was so dry. My speech was impaired by the tightness of my jaw and neck muscles, etc, etc.

I lost mostly EVERYTHING! My wife, my home, my job, not really my children but now they are grown and gone.

In 2008 I spent 1 month in a mental hospital for suicidal thoughts. In about 2017 I attempted suicide and didn’t tell anybody that I crawled out of a freezing ocean because I couldn’t take the pain of the freezing water or the sensation of drowning. Once I got years of medication, therapy, trained in martial arts (meditation), it got somewhat better. Now I can drive, do projects and watch pretty much anything on TV ( I know but that was a big deal to me). I’m still mostly alone and can’t take much stress without starting to slide backward. I live in a room in my sister’s house but I don’t hang out with her or her husband, I stay in my room when I’m home accept to cook and use my bathroom. I pay rent and I have a workshop away from home to keep busy fixing motorcycles and building stuff.

This is a metaphor for war itself.

She gets it 🫵🏻🤘🏻…

I love and find it interesting how new fans and reactors are not seeing Metallica, Slipknot and other metal bands as just loud noise music but are actually noticing the themes and stories in their songs. The real fans are now taking notice.

The Metallica Song that helped me thru my life is “Sanatorium”… It help me because it help me due to my childhood was like an institution that there was no freedom but you basic needs were provided with a cold sterile environment that would never change. Any form of self improvement was ridiculed and stomped out with threats of homelessness. All signs of divergence from the " Normal" way of acting was dealt with with Medications.

This is such a sad story, awesome reaction all the road paving songs incorporated this stuff, think of Iron Maiden " Number of the Beast", and so many others, to me the build to the solo was this man’s pain and frustration and wish for death builds and builds and the guitar solo is him screaming inside, is just a epic epic song.

Based on the book and the film, Johnny got his gun…

My favorite Metallica song