Therapist and Vocalist react to One By Metallica

My favorite Metallica song

The book gives so many more disturbing details of his life/dream status. But not one in a million, it’s he’s the only one left in his world

I’m just now starting therapy for PTSD that never went away after the Iraq war, and for the first time I identified with the guy on life support. Unable to communicate to those around you. Living but not alive. Wishing for death. Feeling like you died during the war, but didn’t realize it.

Its the moral question about when do you stop trying to save a life and do you let them pass

“Each man face his death by himself…alone goodbye father”…mix with the music… is the saddest thing i saw on YouTube.

This was Metallica’s very first music video… During the MTV generation they had built a name for themselves with ZERO radio airplay or MTV videos…
For most of us this was the first time we ever truly see them outside of magazines and the documentary Cliff em All. Maybe some clips on MTV but no actual performances…

They were top of their genre and this comes out…
And this came out in 87 and there was no other videos until 1991… So from 84-91 this was the “One” Metallica video. It was absolutely Epic

She said “it has to be the heaviest of its time”. Lol… No! Go back a few years before this song and listen to Battery by Metallica.

With that said, this was thee anti-war song for me. It helped me understand as a teen the horrors of something I never wanted to see. I grew into a libertarian against war for the rest of my life. This song and the movie Platoon.

this song is older than both of you

I have always felt this song, as well as the obvious story, is about depression and fear of never truly being heard. As I have gotten older I see a bright side that James Hetfield’s words have been shared by more people than the words of 99.99999% of all people to have ever lived.

Have you reacted to landing in London by 3 doors down