Therapist Engulfed In Flames - Only For The Weak

Gotta give a listen to take this life!!!

Forgone Pt.2 might be good for a therapist

In Flames getting love!! Same time I was introduced to Metallica, another friend introduced me to In Flames!! Clayman is their best album!! You ever get a chance to talk to Anders (lead signer), he’s incredibly hilarious!!

i interpretate the song as someone talking to the drugs… sorry my englosh is not too good :slight_smile: saludos desde Argentina.

IN FLAMES are the GOATS! The Quiet Place and Cloud Connected please!!

You should analyze In Flames - Free Fall

Since you’ve discovered In Flames, you must check out other Gothenburg bands too. These guys invented a whole new genre in the 90s and it’s absolutely amazing. Dark Tranquility and At The Gates along with In Flames are the genre defining bands who deserve recognition

“How do you do?
Have yourselves a pleasant afternoon!”
In Flames (one of my fave bands ever) reminded me one of the best bands ever… Sentenced.
So how about checking these guys at some point?
Sentenced - Noose
Sentenced - Excuse Me While I Kill Myself
Or any Sentenced song…

Should 100% do Take This Life by In Flames.

:slight_smile: no shit :slightly_smiling_face:

Two songs I’d love to see on here are In Flames - Wallflower and then While She Sleeps - To The Flowers. The video for WSS is something else too.

His lover sees and expects him to be something he’s not or ever been.

Can you please put the lyrics in a comment or description?

Please react to My Sweet Shadow! In Flames have some of my favorite lyrics in all music :metal: