Therapist faces her Creature by Jelly Roll

Love this channel! Thank you for giving some insight to the mental spaces we all go through and how we can do some healing.
One band you may find interesting and has covered some tough topics is Nightwish - The Poet And The Pendulum (OFFICIAL LIVE).
It’s about the poet and the clock ticking down in his life. Very symphonic metal and poetic, as the song implies. You may enjoy analyzing it as you have with the others like Shinedown’s 45.

James blunt girl who never was , if you wanna cry

Please do a reaction to the song (Crawling Back by Discrepancies)!! Truly a deep song it’s also a bop!! PLEASE!!

Could you look at stuff by the amity affliction (give it all, all f#cked up, Pittsburgh, or don’t lean on me) a lot of there songs talk about mental health

Man this one, I was introduced to jelly with this song. My brother sent it to me because he thought it would resonate with me and I haven’t stopped listening to jelly since. I looovvvee this song

You have to listen to mass of man “Unhappy” IM BEGGIN

Please react to these songs:

  1. Blink 182- Adam’s song
  2. Silencer- Sterile nails and thunderbowels

please react to metallica, dyers eve, it’s a type of hate song and blame song. but man does it have deep, hard and emotional verses. recommend!!

Please react to Jon Keith next. He has an album called eremos in which he talks about his feelings and he’s very honest about and it really spoke to me, I think you should really check it out

Day 4 of asking- Please review: Whiskey Lullaby By Brad Paisley, the music video. :slight_smile:

Please react to Ren Gill. Hi REN.

please react to mama by NF, it is a continuation from the song “How Could You Leave Us”, it is basically him finally forgiving his mother and it is very emotional. He cried performing it for the first time.

I Prevail- deep end…

Please react to A Day To Remember, “Resentment”.

I really think you should react to Citizen Soldier. There have so many good songs, but here is a couple in particular.

Would anyone care ****
Face to face
Bedroom ceiling
Victims or survivor. *****

You have to react to five finger death punch songs…I apologize, is one…wrong side of heaven, its the most reacted to…tragic true is a good one, brighter side of gray is awesome…they have so many

i would love to have a therapy session with you

I take the lyrics differently.

To me, this is saying HIS monsters, alcohol, drugs, loneliness, over-eating, whatever, are familiar to him, so they aren’t as scary as the rest of the world.

So, while others try to tell him that he has to stop those behaviors because they will kill him, to him, those are his comfort. His feelings of not being worthy and his coping mechanisms are like family to him now and not as scary as the alternatives, IN HIS MIND.

To me, his lyrics point to being stuck in his coping mechanisms instead of overcoming.

You Have To DO BMTH New Single the Words Speak Everything we need to remeber everyday… Top 10 staTues tHat CriEd bloOd (Official Video)

For another Jelly Tech 9 song listen to E4U. It’s amazing!!!