Therapist Fades to Black | Metallica

You got to give your demons a place,specially when thy are real.

Dan is awesome. I am so very blessed to know him and his wife. He is the reason why I watch your videos because he told me about HeartSupport.

In case you want any suggestions, your reaction could be interesting…

Damn the memories in highschool, listened to this everyday and was contemplating suicide immediatly when I woke up everyday. Saw them twice last week in Helsinki and jesus christ i cried so much… Thank you Metallica!

And now it’s time for Metallica - Welcome Home Sanitarium…

:kissing_heart:mawhhh! :joy:

I remember learning a dance to the Apocalyptica cover of this song, and even though I didn’t know the meaning or the lyrics of the song when I listened to that version for the first time, it just hit me deep. Since then, I revisit it every now and again, and it is such a good listen every single time.

Death makes cowards of us all. Stop the pain. You can release yourself but the only way to go is down. Good luck in 30. Years

I don’t care what anyone says… the best live version of Fade To Black by Metallica is the 1989 Live In Seattle version as that version kicks ass way more!

You need to hear the studio version. You can hear the pain expressed through the guitar. They changed it, on this live version.

I don’t know if you will see this but if I had a suggestion I think Bleeding Me is a great Metallica song to react to.

Wait until you find out about Evanescence. There’s a lot there.

Amigo The Devil, Another Man’s Grave

As a suicidal person this song grounds me. I know I’m not alone there and that in it’s self is powerful.

This is my favorite Metallica song. It got me through some serious dark times earlier in my life. Thank you for taking metal music seriously and the positive effect it can have on its fans.

Somehow havent reacted to marilyn manson yet. Thinking along the lines of Man That You Fear

When I was 18 years old, I attempted to commit suicide. I suffered from severe depression and anxiety for decades. Here in 10 days, I will be celebrating my 30th birthday. That realization makes me cry. I never thought I’d live to see 30. But here I am. Ladies and gents, it gets better. And even if it doesn’t, you do learn and find healthy ways to cope. Reach out. Talk. We’re all here for you. :heart:

I love your reactions and interpretations, thank you!

Listen to the studio version.

React to some songs by Death! :heart: