Therapist Fades to Black | Metallica

this was my childhood…

Two seconds later
“No, not true…”

So - James saved thousend of lives?

Metallica are terrible live now…

Fade to Black was hard for me cause I thought of when I lost my grandmother 5 years ago.

Will Ramos will change your life, lorna shore the pain remains, knocked looses guided by the moon, all my friends, and I return to.nothingness by lorna shore, as someone who dealt with flirting with institutionalized suicide and again returning back to a world o was away from for so long, and having majority of close friends pass from over doses, there’s something about connecting with these songs and bands having them to turn foo

Kirk playing his $2,000,000 guitar “Greeny”.

Check the forearm of James…:zap:

I don’t think the “but it’s too late” line is bad. It’s actually verry fitting for the song, showing what the person going through that is thinking, then it leads to the person dying. Obviously it doesn’t actually encourage it, but it just shows what the person wants to do and what someone that goes through with it will feel, and then the end of the song sounds sad which discourages anyone from going through with it, and then the sad ending turns into a more powerful fast and happy ending, showing it can get better, it will get better.

she is too young…

context , when metalica lost their baseman . Remamber . The baseman of metallica is the main rol

Instrument wise ? Metalica seem to have found a new tric

You’ve got to do SOIL by system of a down, and DYERS EVE by Metallica

“I have the lost to will to live, simply nothing more to give” is something that a lot of people think at times. I have thought it (never acted on it), but I’m too much of a wimp and care about my family too much to put them through such a pain. I was in a bad spot at that time, but I pulled myself out of it. What got me out was the thoughts of my Mom (dad passed when I was a baby) and Sister crying at my funeral. Nothing I’m dealing with would be that horrible. I lost my best friend to suicide and I was so pissed off at him. They don’t realize what they do to people that love them.

I used metal music as therapy after my parents passed away when I was 13 with my Dad and 19 with my Mom. I was mentally in a very very dark place and Metal was my only escape. This song especially but the whole genre was my therapist so to speak. Back in the 80’s therapists were only seen by the rich. There is absolutely not one shred of doubt in my mind that Metal saved my life.

Another heavy metal song that helped me along my own mental health journey is Dream Theater’s “Surrounded.” Particularly the intro and outro sections. “Emerging slowly into light/as I awaken from my longest night” and “I have given all that I can take, and now I’ve only habits left to break” were both very powerful once I was under care and getting my depression under control.

The Song is from 1984 and is still in the Liveset of the Band , my start as a Metalhead was 1980 with 13 years HEAVY METAL IS THE BEST MUSIC ON THIS PLANET ! Today with over 56 years and still long hair is that the same strong love to Heavy Metal Music

It’s not over until lars (the drummer) stands up. And even then, it’s 50/50

Awsome expressions and moves !like my nephew :sweat_smile:

You should listen to Screaming Suicide, their new one.