Therapist first time hearing Motionless in White

Your face when Chris toss the table :joy:

You should react to “motionless in white - masterpiece”

Love this band from day one :tada:

They remind me of my favorite bands growing up. Breaking Benjamin and Linkin Park. Motionless in White is sick!!

I’ve really been into these guys lately as well. I’ve noticed a lot of my favorite songs by them seem to have a very transparent, relatable, no BS approach to mental health. You should check out Disguise and Time Bomb by them.

I would like you to listen to get the shot, dominant predation, let me know

I love seeing people react to MIW. The metal community can be great and wonderful but also particular on what is “metal”. They have been breaking barriers since 2007 and improving themselves while not giving a single shit what anyone has to say. :black_heart:

I love Motionless in white it is my fav rock band and I went to there may 3rd concert I had to leave school early for that concert

This bands song headache explained a lot of my anger to myself during my final year of high school.

@HeartSupport, my name is Undead Duelist from my Channel, Yugé-Duelists. So, every night I’ll go om a walk and listen to music. More specifically I’ll listen to the song, Another Life, by Motionless In White. I don’t know why I listen to it. I just feel compelled to. And every time I do listen to the song it makes me, but I haven’t really shed any tears since my ma’amaw passed away

Check out their album disguise Also. Falling in reverse.

More motionless in white, and also! Asking alexandria!