Therapist gets Down With The Sickness by Disturbed (FIRST TIME REACTION)

On the album Immortalized, the song The Light is an amazing song of hope talking about those struggling and having people there for you, and has an amazing line: Sometimes darkness can show you the light! Give it a listen!

Your break down of the interlude would be a multiple part video. Haha.

Why did you To the whole song that one was edited

I got to see them open up for Slipknot in 2008

It would be interesting to see you react too “Overburdened” or “Pain redefined” from Disturbed’s Ten Thousand Fists album…

To me the song has always been about how people stop your growth for personal gain,or the quiet man no longer taking the abuse almost a " you wanted to see what i hid now your going to get it"

READ THIS BEAUTIFUL STORY!!! I been living in a motel for 4 years. Lebanon, TN… When l first started living here, a family of four was staying here. A man, women, brother, & sister. The daughter was named Daisy… nickname Daze. Starting out… I’d walk out of my room. Just randomly see what’s going on. There were allot of children when I got here. I live in a middle room. So, there was allot of children outside of my room. I’d open my door, stand in my doorway. Daze would be near & become intimidated. 6’… 200lbs… stranger danger looking mofo! Starting out… Daze would see me, & start walking back to her mother. It was the cutest thing. Index finger pointed up… as she walked away… walking forward… arm at 90 degrees… I literally acknowledged… “Okay.” …& stayed in my doorway. There is a difference between special needs & learning disabilities. I have ADD & ADHD. I decided to develop our rapport. I went with the …wah ah ah …ah ah at the beginning of this song. This is how I would greet Daze. …after the ah ah …one ah baccochew then… ah ah ah baccochew(as a close). We talking a 4 & 5 year old; who couldn’t talk yet. She was a slow learner/talker. I developed a rapport with Daze. A few times, later in our rapport… she would randomly reply… “ah!” …like a hello, to me. Here is the beautiful part… one day, she tried to talk to me; without knowing how. It was like she thought talking just happens. “wuh uh wuh uh wuhuh” …was her attempt at talk. It looked like “The Rock” making fun of the “The Big Show”. She kinda shook her a little… & looked down… like talking worked like that. A day or two later… I’m walking by & she randomly says… “ah” I looked back & she replied with a… “grrr”. “ah ah ah baccochew” Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is an ENFP Champion temperament. Keirsey

Listen to just about anything by five finger death punch

Yeah you didn’t hear the real song.

The woman who gave birth to me not only abused, molested, and raped me, mut allowed others to do the same. The reason I connected so well to this song. She cut that out. She needs to do a video with the uncensored version of this song.

Yes you picked the wrong version he is talking about his mom

She skipped the mental breakdown part :neutral_face: I was kinda excited for that

THIS IS NOT THE REAL VERSION! so disappointed.