Therapist gets Sober by Tool

Please try Jimmy, Pushit, Part Of Me or start with Opiate, then Undertow, then Aenima and so on to be on a full TOOL journey. It’s quite enlightening. Thank you!!

I’m 53. I was in my early 20s when Tool came out. I wasn’t an addict but had ADHD, bad anxiety, and what is now called social anxiety - all I had was the gym. I trained far too hard and heavy (feeling it now) but it kept me feeling good. I never knew that I could become an addict, but I did. I had a near immunity to opioids. I mean who takes a Vicodin ES as a 20 yr old kid (no normal dudes did pills then) would feel nothing? Later on, when my life went sideways I found ways to find novel drugs related to Bupenorphrine that I could inject, get cheaply, and never flag a drug test. It fit like hand and glove. I was a healthcare professional and functional addict. I can say 2 things. Today, I would not be alive, and the withdrawal from mixed agonist/antagonist drugs (like Bupe) is worse than traditional opioids. There’s no vomiting, shits, or puking. You get protracted agitation, akisthesia, (for me) thoughts of self-deletion, and feeling horrible. I used a TON. I didn’t get help. I took a beating more than once. Find some way to get help. Your mind is not functioning properly when you are an addict. All the old tricks don’t work or don’t exist anymore. Don’t throw away your lives guys.

i want what want…thanks

You should listen to Depche Mode’s “Never Let Me Down Again”. Its about addiction and I’ll let you figure out who his friend is.

To go along with this, I think in an interview Maynard explains that a lot of people heard the lyrics and interpreted them to mean “we should be Sober.”

When in actuality, its a song about being NOT Sober. I think the lyrics are “Why cant we not be sober?” So there’s a double negative implying you don’t HAVE to be sober all the time. Its ok if you’re not sober.

You have NO idea what this song “Means” or is “Saying”!!!

Blond hair and you think your competent to comment , you have no idea

It’s crazy she hit on the “trust me trust me” part before that part of the song

i needed you 20 plus years ago as my therapist, i suffer from cptsd, anhedonia and maybe something else.

This is the one band that saved me from sure suicide many times, i have a tool tattoo, and i will see them for the third time live this coming june

She needs to watch the live version of this James performs while singing, is totally amazing, im not a HUGE Tool fan, but any Tool fan will say you this

There was that time when drinking was fun and normal like everyone else drinks. Then at some point, you can’t remember when, it stopped being fun. But you’re constantly remembering and trying to get back to that point in time when it was fun. Once you’ve crossed that line, there’s no going back.

Are you a cancer?..

s/o to all my high functioning users

Just discovered your channel, I like what you’re doing, including your choice of music. Best of luck :v:

Please watch 46 and 2 cover by the okeefe music school for kids you won’t regret!!!

@heartsupport I wish that they used the last chorus to say “Why can’t we JUST be sober. I DON’T want to drink forever.”

Demon Alcohol by Ozzy…

I’m a recovered coke addict…i quit that but i subsituted that with alcohol. Struggling with that now. Tbh, im a big tool fan, but in your thing i realized its time to stop booze also. Thank you

This video clearly shows that you don’t understand the video/song/message at all.
Do something different. This is devastating.

There music is deep…