Therapist gets Sober by Tool

I needed your breakdown on this. They were perfect and I thank you.

I’ll take a tool song anyway I can get it.

Sometimes there’s a song that effortlessly reaches in, grabs your soul where it’s vulnerable, slaps it around a bit and shoves it back in to give you perspective on yourself. The music alone could do this to me There are more things to be addicted to than chemicals. Self loathing is a warm, comfortable, familiar, heavy, smothering, inescapable shadow that I’ve never been able to shake. Thank goodness for professionals like you that help us keep our shadows in check.

As a recovering alcoholic, this song perfectly sums up a lot of the angst and anxiety and self-doubt I am constantly assaulted by every single moment of every day. Addiction never leaves, it will always be there. It is a constant battle and all it takes is one moment of weakness to lose.

The way I interpret the “I am a worthless liar” stanza is that, those are things I say to myself and how I feel about myself. I am worthless. Stay away from me for your own sake. I am a liar. I will only hurt you. I am not worth it. Don’t trust me.

At least, that’s how I used to feel. It’s been years now. And while that specter of addiction is still there, at the very least I am actually happy to be alive these days. It’s all about finding peace and joy in the little things. Like a cup of coffee on a foggy morning on a day you have off. Nowhere to go, no place to be, no worries to have. Just the moment.

The song is about a friend that is always messed up and not himself.

The “shadow just behind me” is the consequences of bad choices. Addiction is a choice.

Getting away from alcohol is hard, really hard. I’m on my third attempt now and it does get better every time. Keep trying folks, we’ll get there I’m sure! sober

I cant believe you haven’t reacted to fade to black by Metallica

Wow this was awesome. I have a addiction for smoking cigarettes. I have tried in the past and for I think 1000th time now I am back into its addiction. Anyways I am looking for to being sober again. But man it requires a lot of determination to overcome the shadow. Thank you for your reaction video. This is pure gold :sunglasses:

TOOL was one of the Best big day out bands ever …

I would love to hear your analysis on Nine Inch Nails, particularly anything from The Downward Spiral, The Fragile, or With Teeth.

This was probably said before, but you should really watch the live performance of this song.

I am a recovering addict, March 3rd was nine years :blush: I spent most of my thirties wasted on one thing or another. This song resonates

Im fighting alcoholism bad…ive been sober 3 different times and keep relapsing…i wanna be sober but keep failing

You are not in anyway wrong. Its a fantastic interpretation. MJK (the singer) is dazzlingly intelligent and well read, and is a big fan of CG Jung. For me, especially listening to this in college and grad school his stuff always makes me think of Jung. Particularly this one with the recurring motif of Conversation with the Shadow/ DarkSide

i actually shed a tear at around the 7 minute mark. tool fan for a decade or more. addict for longer. worst part is that im successful and intelligent, but i hate myself. i want what i want.

i believe this is more than about substance addiction. This is also about our addiction to our false ego… For example the escape in a religion or our own illusions.