Therapist gets Sober by Tool

Tune about addiction…Keenan is a living legend

Love this!!! Just watching now. Sober is my favorite song. I feel the most when I listen to this song. I’ve been sober for 31 years and the struggle, though easier now, is still very much there. When my Dad passed, I think this was truly the first time I really thought I was going to give in. I listened to this song and the verse, I want what I want, actually enticed anger inside - I want a drink… I want what I want. Thank God I had kids that were close to their Grandpa because they helped me. This was 4 years ago, I’m glad that I chose sobriety. The shadow didn’t win that day.

What would happen if we realized that everything we identify with—passions, joys, happiness—in other words, good or bad emotions, were actually our own chains? Emotions are conditional and limited. With positive emotions, if you lose what makes you feel that way, you lose what you call happiness, goodness, or righteousness. So, it is not true happiness; rather, we are attached to something that makes us feel happiness. I highly recommend the series “Serial Experiments Lain” to address this. Anything good that one does, if one expects something in return, then there are no good people, only the need to satisfy a desire, fill a void, or flee from a fear, and that is sad. Children are happy, and before that, they had no attachments nor suffered from the things of the world. It was until we started to live them that those emotions were gestated in us, to enslave our innocence and put us to sleep forever. That psychology doesn’t know how to eliminate things like hatred doesn’t mean we should accept it as part of us and direct it towards something good. Hatred is hatred, no matter how subjective or focused you want to make it, and feeling hatred, whether good or bad, only makes you a slave to hatred.

I’ve been sober since 2008, and this song helped me in immeasurable ways.

Where is the Parabol/Parabola reaction video?

This song is always misinterpreted. Not about addiction at all. Replace i and me in the song with god and you will see the true point. Maynard has a way man!