Therapist gets Sober by Tool

Tool are some geniuses for sure but I prefer listen only to “positive-addictive-minded” music… mean AOR genre with bands such Nestor, FM, Journey,…

check the live video and watch Maynard performance!

Really?… edited version?…. It’s “Jesus, won’t you FUCKING whistle” it is so fucking dumb that society is like say what you won’t but don’t curse

I know this video is kinda old, I’d love to see you react to “passive” or “judith” by a perfect circle

ohhh you should she the live video version… Maynard is sinking deep in it… ouffff

This version is… interesting…

…wait until she listens to '46 and 2"…

Watch the live performance he did back in the day. It’s the one everyone has reacted to. Extra layers for you being a therapist.

Look at live version…

Just because of the shirt… please do shattered by currents. They’ve helped me through so much already. Thanks

0:37 “It’s so dark, I can’t see what’s happening!” Amazingly funny, and amazingly accurate to what it’s like for people with addition and depression.

I used to have Tool programmed to wake me up when I was in the Marines 30 years ago! Here I am again!

I am just a worthless liar; I am just an inbicile