Therapist goes Through the Fire and Flames by DragonForce

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Therapist reacts to Through the Fire and Flames by DragonForce addressing the deep lyrics of soldiering on or finding the medic to help you keep moving forward.


Guitarists are Herman Li and Sam Totman. They are the only two original members still in the band.

Love that you are loving DF. I’ve been listening to them a little short of 20 years. One note tho: before reacting to songs please make sure you react to the full version. This song is legendary but this is a cut version. And to me it feels like a castrated version, I mean it’s the same song at the end of the day but it misses an important part. Cheers tho!

Dragonforce… brought to you by head and shoulders lol… Herman is also a YouTuber and he has a pedal that turns a fan on the blow his hair around lol

Everyone talks about the guitarists, but how about the drummer?!

Also a funny video of Herman Li snapping a 5000 $ guitar In half live on stage pulling off that knee drop move :joy:

In my top 100 songs all time.

Hello again my favorite therapist. Thanks for the great reaction. So I was wondering if u could do me a huge favor and react to Fear Campaign by my favorite metal band Fear Factory. My 9th sober birthday is coming up June 28th. It would be an awesome present. Thanks

Please react to sometimes your the hammer sometimes your the nail a day to remember

I’ve always referred to Dragonforce as Ballad Metal. While it is speed metal in style, the mood is VERY Ballad like at times. “Soldiers of the Wasteland” is an all time fave.

Would love your reaction to Rainbow Song by Ryujin(Gyze) they are a Japanese metal band but they sing in English too. Very beautiful Song

I haven`t played guitar herrow either… You were still loved. Bad joke…

And yet Gee Anzalone’s drum playthrough from years ago gets absolutely no respect…

Gotta find the live version. Its so much better

She got the intro without hearing the song

hey there, go for power metal inventors helloween, lots of great guitar solos fun and great singing as well. Dragonforce is a lot of speed. Helloween is a similarly crazy good experience. Go for Keeper of the seven keys live pumpkins united. You get all members the band ever had that are still alive. GReat performance and a 1980s classic that still stands the test of time! That waas the beginning of what dragonforce did later if you like. OF course also many others.

You’re reactions make my face smile…you’re words make my heart smile, thank you!

Beast in black - blind and frozen

I have always suspected that this song was written to be three times longer, but the producer told them to cut it or it wouldn’t fit on the album. Instead of cutting it they said screw it and instead sped up to blistering levels. I have no evidence of this, but will always assume it to be true.

Haha love it :love_you_gesture::metal: