Therapist goes Through the Fire and Flames by DragonForce

Dragonforce and Blind Guardian are so fun to listen to.

I love this concept of yours! I struggle alot with my mental health and I love metal. So this is a perfect fit for me.
I suggest that you take a look at Nightwish and specifically the song “The last ride of the day”.
All of their lyrics are deep and meaningful but this one is perfect for your theme.

Check out Tina S. She is an… exceptional guitarist. I would suggest watching her YouTube video of Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata. She was 17 at the time.

Fun fact: that ping you hear at the end is a string breaking on Li’s guitar

she is such a gorgeous woman and its cool that she is a therapist and dragonforce is pretty cool brings a tear to my eye those musicians are so damn gifted love that sound of galloping horses

I like this vid. You went deep. Earned a like :slight_smile:

Very similar and a support band to them - The 5 piece female japanese band LOVEBITES. Check out ‘When Destinies Align’ or ‘Set the World on Fire’ live.

Taylor: this feels like a soldier song through the wastelands
Me: heh. Heh heh. They have a song called Soldiers of the Wasteland which kicks ass!

It IS fun, eh? Just can’t help but get dragged along by it!

Look up Tina S at the age of 15 covering this song on a real guitar

The focus on this song usually is on what the guitarists are doing. (And they are incredible), but the drummer is often overlooked. To get an idea of what he is doing check out Junna’s drum cover of this song. it is absolutely amazing and the joy on her face is contagious. She also does an amazing cover of ashes of the dawn

At YouTube you can see some Coverversion of that Song , Guitar and Drums

People don’t understand how much joy power metal can bring your life.

dude, your apartment is sick!