Therapist goes to a Therapy Session by NF

Song hits at 1.5x speed…

why these are marked as foundraiser?

I got to see NF, for the first time and ive been a fan from the beginning so it was Amazing! NF, saved my life 5/6 years ago! I’m one of the kids but Nate and I are the same age but I have the mansion on rotation! I listen to his music everyday, all his albums on rotation!

NATE helped me a lot! The Album the Search was running over and over again when I was at my lowest. Pushed me through my Pain and then as the single Hope dropped, I already felt what he was expressing. Going through the change and try things in a different way was a key for my survive. <3 His music was my therapy too!

he is “real” listen to his song “real” and you will see why he really is “real”

NF is easily the most underrated artists in music. I know alot of people know who he is but it should be everyone. His music is so deep which you wouldnt expect from rap

The outros especially outro 3 are great

Love NF… best artist of this generation in my opinion.

I love you…