Therapist goes to a Therapy Session by NF

Nate is an inspiration. I learned every one of his songs because of how in tune I felt with him. I channel him often. Nate is doing his part to wake people up. Block out the negativity, it won’t survive in the new world we’re going to make together. I’m so grateful for Nate. He also taught me to let go so I can get my message out. Thanks Nate :two_hearts:

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I just stumbled across your channl and your content/reactions are stunning. I’ve struggled with bi-polar depression since middle school which then lead to PTSD with high levels of anxiety in high school after I witnessed my best friend who looked up to me die in front of my eyes. He got hit by a car when the driver was not paying attention and it’s stuck with me since. I was 16 then. NF’s music, ironically, is MY therapy. Three artists are who I turn to when my depression is hitting hard. NF, Crypt and Dax.

A few more highly great songs I would recommend to react to would be:
Dax - I can’t breathe
Crypt - Coffin Talk

It’d be great to see you react to those!!!

You should also check out king 810. Top three songs that really represent their talents are a conversation with god, devil don’t cry, and Alpha and Omega. They started off more death core slowly transition to classical and jazz and now he does both metal and has an individual side rap career as well. Some people have referred to David Gunn as the modern day Edgar Allan Poe. :metal:

My dog/best friend died suddenly 6 weeks ago. I got her after my partner had a miscarriage so was basically a daughter to me as well. I have great family and friends that helped me work through the immediate sad feelings but now im struggling with the emptiness. Even surrounded by people that care about me i feel alone.

No mater what people tell you in the comments, don’t skip ahead. The journey is his story and is best walked in a linear way.

What a powerful song and one of my favorites!!

NF is fire. You should also look at Hang On by Tom MacDonald as a therapist :slight_smile:

Ive been waiting for this one

nf is so compassionate, such a wonderful soul. but what he does is in many ways similar to a therapist, i can’t imagine the pressure and guilt he must experience.

Listen to intro III…

Must admit I was looking forward to your reaction to this one. Love and respect from the UK :uk:

The Avalanches - Frontier Psychiatrist (Official HD Video)

Honey you would need a bottle of whiskey to dive into my mind :joy:

Every time that I go out may family just tell me to smile it is not that hard just to smile and then I tell them if you went through like I have I bet you will not be smiling better yet I do not even think you can still a life now

I identify so much with this song. My music creation is my therapy. Unfortunately those close to you sometimes don’t get it, they just say: you wasting your time” but they don’t realize this is “ therapy for me” as I also deal with anxiety and depression although they see me smile everyday. Thanks for your reaction

React to “How Could You Leave Us” by NF

You’re late to the party, but it’s a win if honesty is good for therapy.

Great song and reaction. As a therapist u should listen to outro then intro 3 where he fights with fear.

Idk if or how long you go with checking comments…. But just wanted you to be aware that You…., along with obviously and Nate(NF) after all this time IS what kept me here…. I have really bad emotional expression issues…… and his music helped me so much between anger and the ideas of self harm and s*****e……