Therapist goes to a Therapy Session by NF

Please do Mama by NF. It’s the part 2 of How Could You Leave Us. Love you and ur videos!

You need to react to HOPE by NF it’s sooooo good

Please react to remember this by nf, I think you’ll love itttt

Your reactions and true understanding of this artist, and this song in particular, make me feel seen even more!!! Most people I show him or this song to just don’t get it. They don’t truly listen and feel the deep effects. Thank you!!!

NF is the voice and the real thing for all of us broken soul’s, lost in the dark, and the ones with no voice,

NF is a real deal. Amazing artist

I have a request for a video. Its not a song but it is spoken word. its called Dear Anxiety by Clayton Jennings. it hits me so hard and i continually fall back to it when im feeling in a rut and feeling down. its so powerful and heart wrenching. really conveys how anxiety can really take a strong grip on you and wring you dry

please please please react to “intro iii” to finish the story to mansion and also i highly recommend “remember this”

love the reaction and the understanding of the detailed parts you pick through :infinity:

LOVE IT :heart::heart::heart::heart: could you do drifting? Its blue blue fire​:fire::fire::fire::fire:

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE REACT TO “NATE” BY NF!!! I think the world of this man, that’s why his brand is “real music”, because it’s relatable and real!

Marry Me!!!..

Put your leg down please😂

@heartsupport hi idk this might be kinda a stuipid question is it normal to have a few people you care about and you get sad when not around them my best friend is leaving and that hits me ive been crying almost every night about it what do i do because rn all i do is cry it out and sit and listen to music do know what i should do should i talk to her about it or just try to move on and bottle it up like i do most things im not really good a philosophical things i would love if you help me out by giving a little advice

his slogan is literally REAL MUSIC lol

Recommend We As Human . Take The Bullets Away

Thank you for reacting to this! It’s one of my favorite NF songs. His music has helped me through some very dark times in my life. Anyway, keep up the NF reactions! :heart:

NF is the reason I’m still here… I first heard a song from him when I was like 15/16 years old, now I’m gonna be 25 in August… He just made me feel so seen… It’s like he is singing about myself… and even though I know I wasn’t the only one feeling this… you’re feeling so alone and his music showed me that I wasn’t alone 🫶🏼🙈

Every day I look for a new song from NF that you’re reacting to because you are the best you are genuine you are real and your reactions are hilarious at times most times you’re just great you make my day

gotta go thru it to grow thru it :slight_smile:

2000th like…