Therapist goes to a Therapy Session by NF

NF is an outstanding artist! I’ve been following him since ‘Mansion’ came out. I love this album and can relate so much…

NF music makes me angry/sad/hopeless and at the same time happy/hopefull . Such and emotional trip

Probably already been recommended a million times but Dax would be right up your alley, especially with To Be a Man.

Taylor, I’m a survivor. Therapy saved my life (ty dr powers). Im successful, still struggling, but money is not a problem. Is there a way we can get in touch? I’d be happy to send you to every NF show nearby or maybe fund a series of unrelated videos if we can agree on a central theme.
My door is still 9open; God love you, little sis.

You should listen to Outcast and NATE. AMAZING

Band recommendation: We Three. The reason I recommend them is because they talk about mental health so much and it’s honestly so relatable and has helped so many people out

The song Let You Down by NF i really relate to beacause the message from the song is very very similar to what my mom did to me.

Watch Dax to be a man mega remix :blush:

What a lot of people don’t get is he was the kid on the edge of that bed.

NF - Only … Would be a great reaction (if not already done)

Its so unfortunate that it is so hard and so expensive to find a good therapist where I can express myself without having rights taken away, family taken away, end up on some kind of list, etc. My last therapist just told me “don’t feel that way”. Almost felt like an SNL skit. I wish there were more therapists like Taylor.

You do know the therapist he was talking to with himself, right

please react to the cry baby album by melanie martinez if you’re not familiar with it already

I drove from Fall River MA to Canton OH in in 10 hours.
NY to Connecticut isn’t that far lol… I saw NF in Columbus Ohio in 2023 and was a 2.5 hour drive both ways. If you enjoy him you’ll make the trip.

If it wasn’t for him I’d be so depressed

I first can along his music when I was going through the hardest moments and he gave me hope and a sense to keep going. He just has that affect you can just feel the emotion and you realize that your not alone and that people feel the same and anytime I need a pick me up I go to him

Please react to Im only Human by Rittz

32 y/o man here… 8 years Infantry and this man’s music saved my life. My personal favorite song, that I’d love to see a react of, is “my stress”

can do outcast…