Therapist has a Lonely Day by System of Down

please do more skillet a good from them is called “Psycho in my head”

The loneliness epidemic is real and global, but more severe in industrialized 1st world countries.

I’ve run into multiple people online who were either severely depressed (as in spoken or written directly to them) and one of them was even a veteran that just randomly began chatting with me out of nowhere when we ran by each-other in a game. I felt like absolute shit that I couldn’t stay in touch with the guy (I have my own struggles which sometimes cause me to be unreliable), but he was severely lonely with his trauma. He had a family even, but no one to talk to.

I should mention that this gentleman was from a European country with little to nothing resembling the VA in the US or elsewhere.

React to Butcher Babies - Monsters Ball

That intro had me so stoked for making bacon pancakes, i disnt care about the song anymore…:joy::tada:

Sometimes u can’t say you’re lonely because people will just say get over it or you’re around people all the time

Loneliness is something I’ve always struggled with incredibly deeply. From being not understood to physically not being around people this song is such a raw interpretation of what it felt like to be lonely. The power of this song is the last line though. I’m so happy I’m here today cuz when I was thinking I was absolutely alone I didn’t want to be around for myself but I stuck around for the others and it makes me better every day by owning who I am and confronting those issues rather than burying myself in my head to not deal with any form of stress good or bad.

In a catalogue of songs with such complex and over the top lyrics the simplicity of this track really hits different, the vocal performance really gets a chance to shine. Such an effective song.

Hey dude! Im from the uk, & Ive gotta say I love what youre doing. As someone who struggles with PTSD, depression & anxiety, to stumble across your channel & see someone pointing out the empowerment in a music genre I love, really spoke volumes to me. Actually found myself crying to afew of your explanations. Please, please keep doin what youre doin, & understand theres love for you & what youre doin across the world. Love & light y’all x

Nice Stankface!! :joy::joy: Seriously, if someone could listen to SOAD ,and NOT have a visual reaction(like it or not)…well,THAT might be an indication that therapy is needed.(Imo). Excellent reaction, my friend! :heart::heart:

I need help man. I can’t handle life right now I just want to be happy, it feels like the world is just kicking me while I’m down.

My anthem…

I use to tour for 12 years and it can be very lonely at times. I use to say I’ve never been so alone while simultaneously being surrounded by friends…it’s weird

I can tell you’re a good therapist. I’ve seen some that just toss out ideas and try to tie you to a solution, won’t ever really work.

I’ve been alone for 17 years, I don’t want to have to deal with people anymore, at all

Can you do a video about Mushroomhead - Embrace the Ending? This song has gotten me out of a few really bad places over the years. It’s funny how sad songs can help get a sad person out of a funk.

I think this is their most normal song

You probably just have to look to Jason Newsted to understand this in a band.

No one else can see your world burning around you…

Please check out Deftones-Passenger (ft. Maynard James Keenan)

Anyone seen that cute bird who loves bacon pancakes? It’s so cute. Look it up!