Therapist has Questions! by System of a Down

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Therapist analzyes the lyrics to Question! by System Of A Down and discussed the way that people often use suicidality as a way to cope. Their true desire isn’t to die, but to feel peace. The therapist talks about other more helpful ways we can reach our peaceful desires.


In typical SOAD fashion the intro scares everyone listening for the first time

YES!!! Please do “Soil” by System of a Down next! Heavy, but perfect for this channel!

First…I think …

With your energy, you should be doing Red Bull commercials!!:rofl:

Please react to LinkinPark From the inside

Can’t wait for the outro reaction​:sunglasses::sunglasses:

Please react to Soilwork!

Many lives , Many masters
By Brian Weiss MD
Two books have influenced my life
AA big book and the one I just mentioned

I also wanting not to struggle

Holy Month by SOAD next…

Try Rammestein Zeit or Zig Zag

I got an interesting question…
so I grew up in my teens being bullied and beated up and such as I may have said on HeartSupport forum and such and that I used to feel suicidal back in the day… but question is …
is it possible to feeling / being suicidal without realizing it or “expressing symptoms” of it when struggling to explain you may feel on certain things … my past 10 years or so I been feeling lost and I sometimes have survivor’s guilt I guess from staying strong and keep on fighting but honestly I kinda feel tired at times

Great energy as always and boy do the people need positive energy :metal:t2::heart_eyes::grin:

Please react to A secret Door from Avatar

Old SOAD takes me back to mining on runescape. you go to lumbridge and lose your stuff when you die! I had a high school friend who used to be a deep wilderness rune miner and he knew all the tricks to avoid PK’ers.

I always viewed this song as a take on dreams. I see the lovers as meeting in their dreams only and wondering what happens to them when they wake. Does that version of themselves die when they go from the dreamspace

I listen to some of these songs literally hundreds of times and you come along and slap me with a new perspective.

One of the couple reactors that has me listening.

The Hardkiss - 7 вітрів