Therapist has Questions! by System of a Down

Thanks for the video, great!

Soundgarden - black hole sun
Silverchair - freak

Maybe some alice in chains ~ black is all i feel?

Empty Walls reaction by Serj Tankian

Please spider or descending of tool

Marvelous song :heart:

Watching your videos is like being in class except recesses is first😅 or whenever,
than the lesson keep up the good work professor

4:36 Sounds more like a sickness, tf?

I like the beethoven feel of it.

Hey, I was just binging your videos because I love your understanding of the deeper meanings. Thank you for existing.

What a great song

Please do Boom…

“Struggle, endure, contend. For that alone is the sword of one who defies death.” - Skull Knight, Berserk

Yeah wow. I always thought this track was simply about what happens when we go, but system is digging deeper than that and obviously so many people have been that deep but some people feel so desperate to escape, they don’t even realise that their mind is crossing every line, fence and wall between what is real and what is fantasy… and system is giving us a peak over that last wall… and how deep it actually gets for some people

Born of osiris- follow the signs

Love the Dark Crystal clip

I love how you use your clips. Seeing the Chamberlain made me laugh! Could you find a way to make Zelda from TerraHawks work?

Ghosts are no different then you

smart woman don’t need make-up to look good