Therapist is glad there are no masks in Slipknot - Snuff

So many people does not get that the woman is corey himself, he is trying to break free of part of himself :slight_smile:

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Can’t believe you didn’t hit on the fact he basically couldn’t let her go so much that he became her as a cross dresser… do you even pay attention to anything going on?..

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You should just do the lyrics video

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…so, thank you, i guess, for the breakdown of my life after my divorce(5:45)… It seems I have a lot to think about😅

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Specially mens can’t handle their heartbreaking they suffered too much because I saw this what kind of disagree with you one thing you cannot see equally if you say he is a man of the house so you listen to him people not see equal here and it is right because mens should carry more responsibilities for their love ones :heartbeat::blush:

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You need to react to “I won’t see you tonight” part 1 by Avenged Sevenfold. Please :pray:t2:

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Someone raided the fridge at 10:00 in the mirror on the left side of the screen.

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Crazy how the softest and most chill music from Slipknot is actually the heavier one.

Cory in dressed up as a woman!!! Watch again???

Everything you said about relationships here triggered the dark night of the soul that lead to the ascension i am currently fumbling thru… I watched a few of your tool videos and love how you explain the songs ive used to cope for a lot of years.
That dynamic had physical affects on my health and not to be too dramatic the stress of which nearly killed me. ( Sleep problems and stress caused enlargening of my heart)
I loved listening to you describe what took me decades to understand. You were so fluid and clear…
I am a text book example of what you described.
Putting someone on a pedestal, especially if they have low self esteem or other ego issues will destroy your relationship, and most definitely you, not to mention you get to watch the most precious thing in the world turn in to some kind of demon that has no love for you but refuses to let you go.
Go be your own rebound and learn to love yourself. Be all you need in this world.
Or take two blood pressure , heart medicines, aspirin and carry nitro in your pocket its a blast.

Please do so far away by avenged sevenfold

Corey started writing this while going through a divorce then Paul the bands bassist lost his battle with addiction so it became more about Paul’s passing

The Corey’s divorce era was the best one for Slipknot and Stone Sour in my opinion. He wrote incredible beautiful songs because of that.

Badflower Ghost!..

I think you missed what was really happening lol. He WAS living as his ex. In her apartment, her clothes, etc. He promised her he would never let go. The relationship fell apart and he became obsessed with not losing her by becoming her. That’s the concept of the video. Not his personal experience. Great lyric analysis though :ok_hand:t3:

What if you think everyone is better than you? I’m sure the answer is still quick and easy.