Therapist is glad there are no masks in Slipknot - Snuff

i dont know where to start your journey with slipknot to help me just listening again is very helpful and im going to watch all your fundraiser videos

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So fun fact the singer Corey Taylor plays the woman in the song they covered his tattoos up with makeup he even shaved his legs the band gave him shit for it

People don’t understand the double meaning with Paul Gray, who supported the song before he passed

This song man… This song and album released right as I was discovering my wife had been unfaithful our entire short marriage of 5 years. I remeber the day I bought the album and listened to this song clearly. That same day my wife recieved a letter from Seattle where she had supposedly flown out to a couple months prior, but this wasn’t official mail. This was from a man she had flown out to meet and hook up with. Admittedly I invaded my wife’s privacy and paid for it when I found pictures that still flash in my head in this moment. Pictures that absolutely brought me to me knees sobbing in my kitchen as it was clear that the family I was working so hard for and was so proud of having after so many years of growing up feeling completely inadequate was gone. This song has and always will have a very painful yet important place in my heart.

At the end it’s revealed the blonde lady is actually Corey in drag! he promised to never let her go that is him fulfilling that promise keeping her alive by cosplaying as her!

corey is in depression, probably now slipknot will make good music again

Nope not slipknot in masks just slipknot in drag in this one :joy:

This song always makes me cry. I can’t help it because I once was in a relationship like how she describes where I put her on pedestal and so on. And when it ended and she betrayed me I felt like I had lost everything. She could do no wrong in my eyes and then she did what she did. It literally crushed me and I felt like I had died.

So I completely connect with this song and unapologetically I cry at it as it gives me that painful reminder of my past but also that reminder to not let myself fall into that hole again.

I love this song, always have. Her head bobs to the song ruined it.

Well that made me seasick.

I totally get it…I literally feel like I’m dying rt now with what I’m going through…

You miss the point so often . but keep grasping.

i was gonna comment but i really dont like your voice

Your view on the song is wrong it’s about a person Thea helped Cory and then let him down


I wish you were my therapist. You make a lot of sense to me.

Did you knew that it was a real glass. He actually cutted himself in that scene.

She totally missed the fact that Corey was dressed as her at the end.

“This song shows you the dangers of putting someone on a pedestal, thinking that they are so much better than you and when they leave, the tether that made you feel like you were worthy of love disappears”

Well shit maybe i do need therapy.

You can tell she’s never had ANY introspection or deep thought beyond a text boom. The video is about Taylor’s character being trans yet not quite coming to grips with it, so he creates a split personality to cope. The song is about Corey’s regret of non action pertaining to Paul Greys suicide/ overdose.